Post engagement party - Planning for our big day
Planning for our big day

So I decided to stop being lazy and blog about my engagement party.  It was about 4 months in the making and I really enjoyed planning it.  I was a bit nervous/stressed beforehand because it was the first time alot of our family & friends were meeting.  Kal is Arabic Muslim and I am Irish/German Catholic so I really wasn't that sure how it was going to go.  But from the first half hour, everyone was mingeling and dancing.  I felt so much better and was really able to enjoy myself.  The party was four hours long and it really went by in a blur.  Noone was ready to end the party!!  This also made me feel alot better about our six hour reception because I was worried that might be too long. 

Here are my raves:

Flowers -  I ordered 10 bunches of pink peruvian orchids, which came out to 100 branches for $109 (with free overnight shipping).  They arrived still closed in the bud and opened after two days, so I would definitly recommend having them for a few days if you are ordering from there.  The customer service was great and they even called after I recieved my order to ensure I had them out of light and with fresh water.  I had enough flowers for 12 high and 36 low submerged centerpieces, and two arrangements for the bar area.  It has been a week and they are still in full bloom!

Floating candles - This was the best prices I found for floating candles and also used a coupon I googled for 10% off.  The candles burned beautifully and after four hours, half the candle is left.

Cake - Buono bakery, Staten Island.  The cake tasted awesome (as usual) but I wasn't happy with how it was decorated.  I just asked for black, white and fuschia and it had neon green all over it.  My fault for not being more specific!

Catering Hall - Arianas, Staten Island.  The food was great and the room was beautiful (patting myself on the back).  But there was alot that went wrong.  We were supposed to have a mini cocktail hour (salads, paninis, etc...) and it was served with dinner (not a big deal, but c'mon!).  The Maitre'D was nowhere to be found (until it was the end of the party and she was looking for her tip).  She also was throwing all of our stuff around when it was time to clean up the party.  I knew from the getgo when we booked with her that she was unprofessional and I'm just glad she stayed out of my way the whole night and didn't bother me until it was over lol.  Their prices are good and the hall is really if I would have another party there, I would just request not using "her".



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