Pocketfold update - Planning for our big day
Planning for our big day

So I finished my pocketfolds and just wanted to show what they looked like.  I followed the directions from www.roadtotheaisle.blogspot.com and they probably took me about 9 hours to do.  Just have a good paper cutter, scorer and double sided tape!

My precut paper I got from www.cardsandpockets.com in the color merlot

the finished project

template for the pcket where the inserts will be.  I didn't cut and paste my pocket...I used the template to cut the corners of the pocket so it wouldn't have a straight line.

the scorer I got from Martha Stewart (plastic - didn't work that good) and the envelope opener my Mother got from work.  The envelope opener worked alot better, I think b/c I was metal and sharper.  Also, my paper cutter had grooves so that helped alot too

Some of my paper samples.  I might have the champagne as my insert and actual invite paper and back them with the gold leaf.

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