Oreo cookies part one - Planning for our big day
Planning for our big day

So today I ventured into making my chocolate dipped oreos with our edible monogram for our engagement party favors.  I had the monograms printed on 8.5 x 11 paper and it wound up 20 monograms to a sheet.  It took a few hours to cut all the circles out (which was way annoying and I didn't realize there was such things as comfort grip scissors lol).  With the help of my mother and two sisters, we finished 80 cookies in two hours.  We ran out of sprinkles, so we'll finish them during the week. 

My tedious task of cutting circles...

Melting milk chocolate chips for the dipping (melted over a double boiler)

My sister making a mess...I mean dipping oreos

My mother and other sister assembling

drying out my creations :)

The finished product.  We dipped half the cookies in pink/white sprinkles and the other half in brown for contrast

Another view with favor tag

1/18/2010 02:58:33

i was wondering if you could tell me the name of the etsy seller who you bought the edible monograms from???

if you can, please email me at jdv7700@yahoo.com with the seller's name!



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