Kleinfeld disaster - Planning for our big day
Planning for our big day

Today I went to Kleinfeld with my mother for the "big blowout sale".  I got an email a few weeks ago about a huge sample sale and was instantly excited because they listed Jim Hjelm as one of the designers that would be on sale.  I have been dreaming of a Jim Hjelm dress for months, but know that they are out of my (or my mothers) budget.  So I was hoping for an opportunity like this.  So she takes off of work, we drag our butts into the city (in a snowstorm) and are the 4th person there.  I thought, this is great, I am going to have first dibs on the dresses!!!  Well...there was not ONE Jim Hjelm, my sales woman was a bitch and all the dresses they did have were stained or falling apart.  The saleswoman asked what designer I was looking for and I said "Jim Hjelm" and she immediatly said "oh no we don't have him".  So I showed her the print out from her website with the list of designers they SAID they had and she calls over the sales manager.  The manager then proceeds to tell me that maybe I wasn't a "sample sale bride" and should come back for a future appointment.  HELLO...I dragged my ass to the city at the crack of dawn through a snowstorm, with a list of dresses I liked and I'm not a sample sale bride?? Maybe they shouldn't have lied to get people into the store!!!  Also, when I asked her to help me look for any trumpet silouttes she said that wasn't her job....And when I told another saleswoman she rolled her eyes and said she is supposed to help.....And the one dress I did try on was missing beading and was ripped and she was trying to push it on me...They didn't care about me at all...They just wanted to make a sale.  I was so disappointed and felt bad that I dragged my mom out the city for this.  So now Plan B is to go and try on some Jim Hjelms next week and hopefully find a used one online or get one on sale.  I have ALOT of time so I think I should be ok, but today just sucked!!!!


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