Dresses! - Planning for our big day
Planning for our big day

So tonight me and my mother went to a local bridal store to try on some Jim Hjelm dresses.  After the disappointment of last week, I just wanted to try one on already!!  The store didn't have a huge selection, but I got to try a few on and see the colors.  I originally wanted to wear ivory, but my mom is insisting on white, so we'll see.  Below are three dresses that I tried on, the other one I can't find online for the life of me.  Its funny b/c the one that we loved was from Tara Keely, which is a division of Jim Hjelm (not Jim Hjelm himself).  The first dress is Jim Hjelm style # 8800 which I liked, but dosen't have "the wow factor".  The second dress is Jim Hjelm style #8851.  The straps were really pretty, but it didn't quite scream wedding to me.  The third dress is Tara Keely style # 2700.  This is the one that I thought "wow".  The picture is shown in ivory lace with antique silk on the bottom, but I would get white or white with ivory.  The dress has the pearl and swarvoski beading...love it :)  Totally didn't think I would like the drop waist...you never know until you try it on!!


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