Planning for our big day

Here are some links that I found very helpful...

Do it yourself hanging votives -

Do it yourself pocketfolds -


Do it yourself votive wrap template -

Templates (escort cards, programs, bottle labels, etc..) -

Wedding verses (for invites, programs, thanks yous) -

Escort card templates -

More templates!! -

Wedding organization templates -

DIY map for invite insert -



For all you girls doing your own invites, programs, are some websites that you can buy paper from.. - You can buy custom cut paper, and cheap already made pocketfold invites.  I used them to get my precut paper for my invites - I haven't used them, but alot of girls on the DIY boards swear by them.  You can only buy in certain quantities ( I think 50 or 100) but they have good prices - They have colored vellum if you want to wrap your candles.  They also have cardstock and pocketfold invites. - Sign up for their emails and you'll get tons of stuff for free.  I'm planning on using them for a few things.  I'll post in the "everything paper" when I get them in. - They have tons of stuff, video tutorials on their web page and always have sales.


Websites I Love...