Planning for our big day


Before I adopted Shadow, I was not an animal person AT ALL.  I was at work one day, and my manager came into work with a kitten wrapped up in a towel.  Aparently she found him on her way to work by a dumpter at a Mcdonalds in Jersey.  This was during a heatwave and he was dehydrated and so filthy.  Noone at work could take him, so I took him home, thinking I would have him until I found him a home.  He cuddled up to me in bed that night and I knew he was all mine!!  He is a maincoon and was about 4 months old when I adopted him in August of 2006.


I felt guilty leaving Shadow home alone during the day while I worked, so I adopted Lola in March 2007.  She was about 4 months old and I rescued her from a local animal shelter.  We think she is also a maincoon mix.