Planning for our big day

Our bridal party (work in progress!!)

Our bridal party includes our family and closest friends

 Bridesmaid - Melissa

Melissa and I are first cousins and are the same age, so in a sense we grew up like sisters.  We went to the same schools and hung out with the same friends.  Melissa moved to Maryland a few years ago, so I don't see her as much, but we always quickly pick up where we last left off when we see eachother.

Bridesmaid - Lauren

Lauren and Liz have been friends since around 2005 and have spent many crazy nights together.  Lauren is really down to earth and is known to be "one of the guys"

Groomsman - Daniel & Bridesmaid - Gwen

Daniel is Elizabeths brother and Gwen is Daniels girlfriend.  They love to travel, camp, hike and snowboard.

 Groomsman - Joe

Joe and I at his birthday party.  Joe and Kal actually met through ex-girlfriends of theirs.  They quickly became unseperable and are always bouncing off one another with the jokes and one liners.

Groomsman - Damien

Damien and Kal have been friends since middle school and were in the same fraternity during college.