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Planning for our big day
I recently ordered samples from both Daffy and Happy apples so I can see the quality, taste, and size before I ordered them next year as my wedding favors.  Here are my likes and dislikes:

Daffy (ordered them with crunch coating)
:  They came well packaged and in very good shape.  The caramel is really smooth and stayed on the apple very well.  Customer service was great as well as the website being very user friendly.

dislikes: I didn't get an invoice with my package...weird.  I also didn't like the crunch coating (which isn't a big deal...I'll just order a different coating for my favors) and the apple wasn't as tart as I would have liked it.

Happy (ordered them with festive sprinkles)
: Cheaper than Daffy and the apples were bigger

dislikes: The packaging sucked.  The sprinkles were all smashed and the caramel was sliding off of just about half of them.  The caramel also wasn't as smooth as Daffy.  Customer service wasn't that great (rushed me off the phone) and they never returned my email (their website sucks!).

I wish I ordered the "wacky apple" from Happy.  It is rolled in chocolate chips and peanuts and had some really great reviews from a few girls on the knot.  Maybe the toppings don't slide off like the sprinkles??  In the end, they tasted the same...I'm not that sold on having them as favors anymore.  I was honestly a little disappointed on the size and I wasn't "wowed" on either one...