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Planning for our big day
I'm a lucky girl...not only is my fiance handsome, loving, funny, trustworthy, smart, etc... but he also has an awesome job.  He is off to London next month for 11 days and asked me to join for a long weekend!!  I'll be there thursday through tuesday and we'll be taking a day trip to Paris via the Eurostar.  This is both our second time in London, but first together and my second time to Paris (Kals first).  I'm really, really excited to go b/c I didn't think with all the wedding planning and house saving that we would be able to make a trip to Europe before the wedding.  Hotel and expenses are paid for through his job...all I have to pay for is airfare (which I got a great deal!)  Below is a picture of the hotel we are staying in...Right near the houses of Parliament and the London Eye!