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Planning for our big day

Today me and Kal booked our engagement party at Arianas catering hall (  We checked it out last week and loved the room, but wanted to check out the food and service first.  We luckily had a Christening party there today and was very happy with everything so we booked...So below are some pictures of the room we are having the party in...

I'm going to have something like this for the tables.  I can get the vases at the dollar store and whatever cheap flower is in season. 

I want to have an edible favor.  I dont want to spend alot on a favor and didn't want to go the candle/shot glass favor route.  These are chocolate dipped oreos and they would have our name and engagement party date on them.

I also purchased my cardstock from for the backing of my invites.  I got 25sheets for $7.50 which I will cut to make 50 invites.  I'm going to create my own invite in photoshop and get them printed free with  So $7.50 for invites...not a bad deal (Although I still have to get envelopes)


Today I ordered my cardstock from  I really like the idea of doing my own invites (I like to do crafts and stuff) and my sister is an awesome artist.  I know I have a long time but I just want to see what I'm working with and from what I hear from some girls that have do it themselves, it can take a few months to put together.  I am going to do the pocket folders now, but not do the actual invites, belly bands and monogram until next year.  I ordered some samples last week and I am going with the metallic merlot color.  It is a shimmery deep plum color.  I ordered them precut to 16 x 7 inches just to make my life easier.  They came to 66 cents a piece which is awesome.  I plan to follow the directions from "the road to the aisle" blog.  So this weekend I'm going to tackle scoring and folding.  And once we figure out what we are doing for our engagement party, I will be doing them myself also.  Below is an example of the look I am going for.