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Planning for our big day

So yesturday I finally took my boudour pictures with Leah Stafford (  I booked it months ago when I saw she was coming to do a marathon session in NYC, and I wanted to make sure I got a spot!  I went through stages of nervousness, but when I stepped into the room to meet Leah, it all washed away into excitement.  I went with my best friend for support and had a few glasses of wine beforehand to loosen up (which I definitly recommend!!).  As soon as I got there, Leah made me feel so comfortable and beautiful.  We took some AMAZING shots on the balcony (she was shooting in a penthouse on West 43rd street in Hells Kitchen).  I cannot wait to see my pictures (about 4-6 weeks), but she showed me a few on her camera and I was blown away!!!  I got my makeup done at MAC and my hair curled by my usual hairdresser. 
For all you gals in NYC, Chicago, Miami and Ohio, I definitly recommend Leah Stafford for you B pics!!!  I'll post some non-racey pictures when they come in!

This was right after I left MAC...I quickly wiped the lipstick off!  I asked for a pale lip and this is what I got lol...I put on MAC "dreamy" lipglass after

Me and my hair & makeup...ready to go!!

Me and my best friend Shannon having a few drinks beforehand.  I got a few stares, but hello people...I was in the theater district in the city!!! LoL