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Planning for our big day
Our invites went out last Monday (the 16th) with a rsvp date of Sept 10th (one month exactly prior to the wedding).  So far, we have 20 responses, so I'm thinking we are off to a great start!!!  I also marked the back of the rsvp card with an invisible ink that you can see with a special light thank God b/c we already got a decline back with just the persons last name (and there are a few families that share that name!).  I can't tell you the relief we had when these were out the door!!!
Today I got my shipment of bridesmaid dresses from  I would 100% recommend them to any bride to be.  It saved my bridal party so much money (probably around $50-$60 a dress!), customer service was excellent as well as shipping. 

So far, I've had three of my nine girls try on their dresses and everything fits perfect (except a few minor alterations).  I'm hoping to have everyone fitted and alterations done by mid September.

For a refresher, my bridal party are all wearing different eggplant satin floor length Bill Levkoff dresses.  My maid and matron of honor will have a contrasting champagne sash and my Jr bridesmaids dresses are tea length (more age appropriate in my opinon)