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Planning for our big day
So I'm sure I'll be posting alot now with invitation updates...that seems to be all I think about lately.  I really can't wait to have all of this done!!  I've cut all of my inserts and starting stuffing my pocketfolds.  I stuffed 65 out of my 130 invites tonight.  I still have to:
Print actual invite
Stamp and emboss invite
Stick them to pocketfold
Stamp return address on rsvp envelope
Stick stamps on both envelopes
Print addresses via printer
Print and cut belly bands
My inserts neatly tucked away :)


Custom map I made in photoshop.  I printed them on the back of the directions insert.  Its a crappy pic, but I put where we met, where he proposed, and where we will be married :)

My custom stamps I made (HUGE sale on zazzle where I got them for only a dollar more per sheet than face value)

So, I've printed all of my invites except for my directions card last week.  I've begun the process of cuttiing them and I'm just about 1/3 done.  I definitly have a ways to go.  I'm planning on having a few of my bridesmaids get together to help assemble them so we can just bang them out.  Just have to figure out a day!
My invitations printed on letter sized cream linen cardstock

Some of my cut inserts