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Planning for our big day

So I got my vistaprint package on Saturday and just wanted to share.  The quality is excellent and I will definitly be ordering again!  I also posted some things I am working on for my engagement party.

The free business cards that I cut down to make them into favor tags.

My invite.  I used the free postcards and backed them on metallic fuschia cardstock.  (I blurred out the hall and personal information)

My free car magnet...came out great!!

Envelopes I ordered from anchorpaper.  I needed 4x6 size, otherwise I would've ordered from cardsandpockets...It is stardream quartz...a shimmery white color.

My placecards.  I got them free from the hall, but I wanted to dress them up a bit.  I got damask paper from Michaels, used the scraps from my fuschia cardstock and will have the name and table number printed on white labels.  (to the right is the plain white one provided from the hall)

Votives that I wrapped in velum using the template in my useful links...The pink will be used for the tables and the ones with the rings will be for the cake and picture table.  It was a little annoying at first, but I quickly got the hang of it.

wooden letters I got from Michaels.  I painted them using acrylic paint and they will be used for the cake table.  The pink is shimmery and the black is more matte, so I might put a coat of shimmer on the K.


I finally booked my "engagement present" to Kal yesturday.  I booked the Iberostar in Montego Bay for 6 days, 5 nights.  It cost me a little more than what I wanted to spend, but he really went all out with my proposal and ring.  Plus, we are planning on starting a family next year and want to get all the traveling in beforehand as possible!! 


So I ordered my E invite from vistaprint (100 postcards for free) and here is the winner: (and thank all you knotties for your comments and ideas!)

I also ran to Dollar Tree Direct and picked up my vases for my centerpieces.  Here is a mockup (using fake flowers..I'm going to use real ones) and they have tealights (they didn't have the bigger floating candles), but you get the idea...I think they came out good!

I also ordered free business cards from vistaprint with this monogram & will cut them to size to use for favor tags.

And last, I ordered the free car magnet with this picture (thanks to Joanna aka tommysbride1 for the idea!)


Today me and Kal booked our engagement party at Arianas catering hall (  We checked it out last week and loved the room, but wanted to check out the food and service first.  We luckily had a Christening party there today and was very happy with everything so we booked...So below are some pictures of the room we are having the party in...

I'm going to have something like this for the tables.  I can get the vases at the dollar store and whatever cheap flower is in season. 

I want to have an edible favor.  I dont want to spend alot on a favor and didn't want to go the candle/shot glass favor route.  These are chocolate dipped oreos and they would have our name and engagement party date on them.

I also purchased my cardstock from for the backing of my invites.  I got 25sheets for $7.50 which I will cut to make 50 invites.  I'm going to create my own invite in photoshop and get them printed free with  So $7.50 for invites...not a bad deal (Although I still have to get envelopes)